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Nearly everything we consume — from clothing, to the batteries in our cell phones, to the fish we eat — has forced labor and exploitation hidden somewhere inside its production.

Many of us, including the businesses who make the products we buy, have no idea when or where the exploitation occurs.

And it’s growing every single day.

About 45.8 million people today are living in slave-like conditions. That’s bigger than the population of California, Canada, or Argentina.

Nearly every country on earth is affected, including the United States.

And more than $150 billion in profits are generated annually by businesses employing slavery and exploitation. This is bigger than the revenues of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Exxon Mobil, and JP Morgan Chase combined.

We believe all people should live freely and with dignity.

We believe mothers in Amsterdam shouldn’t be forced to sell their bodies to earn money to feed their children.

We believe children in Thailand shouldn’t be tricked to work in karaoke bars to entertain foreign travelers.

We believe the indigenous tribes in the Amazon shouldn’t be forced to destroy their rainforests or mine their own lands for someone else’s gain.

We believe you shouldn’t need to weigh every single decision about what you eat or what you wear against your own values and respect for other humans.

We believe there’s a better way to live together on this planet.

We believe No One is For Sale.